Linsheng Guidance: How To Buy A Car Air Pump?
linsheng : “How to choose a suitable car air pump for yourself?”

  1, it is recommended to buy a suit

  The recommended kits here are purchased, mainly to say that the kit should include the air pump main unit, the tire pressure gauge (if it is detachable), the vehicle power cord, the air hose, and a plurality of inflatable joints.

  It is important that the power cord be long enough. It is recommended that the length be more than 2 meters in order to meet the needs of the four wheels of the car.

  2, the barometer / tire pressure gauge should be copper core

  If it is a copper core barometer and a tire pressure gauge, the heat dissipation of the heat exchanger will be better, which can avoid the possibility that the measurement data is not accurate under the condition of overheating of the tire pressure gauge.

  3, it is best to bring lights for night use

  The optional air pump is designed to facilitate use at night.

  4, with multiple inflatable joints

  If the purchased product is equipped with a plurality of air-inflating air-inflating pumps, it can inflate different types of tires, and can also be used for households, such as bicycles and balls.

  5. Product work / detail design

  According to the above several conditions, plus the comparison of the price comparison plug-in, Xiaobian is a product with a great value. However, whether the product is good or not, you still need to try it before you know.

  On the whole, the workmanship of the product is very good, and the design of the details is also very user-friendly. For example, the hidden and cleaned of the wire is both beautiful and convenient to carry, and also includes the design of the button function icons on the body, which is also very simple and easy to understand.

  6. Is it easy to inflate?

  The workmanship of the product is only a preliminary evaluation of the use of the product, and whether the product is convenient during use is the biggest consumer selling point. Although the product comes with instructions, it is not practical for people who never like to read the manual.